At the first signs of spring, most people head outdoors and begin cleaning up and deciding which exterior tasks to complete while it’s still mild. Cold weather and heavy rains can cause damage to your home and property. To make sure your home is well maintained, tackle these spring outdoor home maintenance chores before the heat of summer.

1. Wash Windows and Fix Screens

Your windows may have collected some grime over the last year, and now is a great time to give them a good wash. Gather a few supplies before you start. For the outside windows, have a hose, commercial or homemade cleaning solution, microfiber towels, and a squeegee.

First, remove the screens and hose down the glass. Apply the cleaner as recommended. If there is dirt buildup, scrub it off with the towels. Use the squeegee to eliminate streaks. From the inside, use a squirt bottle and the microfiber towels to buff away dust. Wipe down the window ledges and frames where dust has collected.

Spring outdoor home maintenance includes checking and fixing window screens. Screens with small holes or tears will let mosquitoes, flies, and other bugs into your house. If the frame is in good shape, you can replace the screen yourself with a kit from a local hardware store.

To replace window screening, cut a new piece larger than the screen, place it over the frame, and push a piece of rubber tubing into the channel around it. The screen repair kits come with a rolling-wheel tool to insert the rubber strips.

2. Spring Outdoor Home Maintenance for Sprinklers

Before you start using your sprinkler system, perform a test to check for broken valves or heads. Clear away any plants that have gotten too crowded around the sprinkler. Check the spray direction and reach of each head. Adjust your timer if necessary, and check the batteries for corrosion.

3. Air Conditioner Servicing

While working outside, take a few minutes to sweep off the outside AC unit. Cut back any shrubs that are growing close to it. Inspect the wires and lines for cracking. The elements can break down the rubber and plastic. Contact an HVAC company to service the system before the hot days of summer when you’ll need it most.

4. Spring Outdoor Home Maintenance for Decks and Patios

Hose the deck or patio surfaces down and check for broken boards or loose railings. If the deck is wood, look for splintering boards that can hurt someone. Use a hand sander or rent a commercial machine to smooth out any rough areas and then reseal your deck to protect it from the elements.

Concrete patios can crack over time. Clean out and fill in small crevasses to ward off more extensive problems. Before firing up the outdoor grill, check the propane lines for leaks.

Complete these tasks during spring to improve the overall condition of your home and property.

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