Now that summer has arrived, you and your family will likely spend more time outdoors. Taking care of the lawn becomes a higher priority because the grass grows faster and you are in the yard more often. Here are tips for summertime lawn care to help with the upkeep of your property.

Adjust the Mowing Height in Summer

One of the best tips for summertime lawn care is to allow the grass to grow a bit higher than usual. A taller lawn creates shade for the soil below and conserves water. The grass can thrive under the hottest conditions if it isn’t cut too short. Mow at about a 3-4 inch height throughout the summer months.

Water the Lawn Deeply in the Morning

Evaporation is the biggest problem for lawns during the summer. Water the yard so that one inch of water saturates into the soil each week. You can measure this amount with a screwdriver pressed into the ground. Water deeply a couple of times a week during the early morning hours to encourage the lawn’s roots to grow deeper.

For Summertime Lawn Care, Don’t Feed the Grass

Another smart summertime lawn care tip is to avoid fertilizing the grass in the hottest part of the summer. Fertilize before or after the season. Chemical fertilizers can burn the grass as the sun warms it. Simple watering and mowing should be the only tasks performed on the grass until cooler fall temperatures arrive.

Apply Pest-Control Solutions

If you notice grubs or other pests, perform spot treatments on the affected areas. Pests can quickly stress a lawn and cause damage. Choose the right product to target the specific type of insect without damaging the grass. Look for pesticides made from natural ingredients. Applying any chemicals to the grass will impact its health.

Sharpen the Mower Blades for Optimal Summertime Lawn Care

Because you’re mowing more often as a part of your summertime lawn care program, the mower blades will dull more quickly. Sharpen them throughout the season to keep them from shredding the tops of the grass. Sharp mower blades cut cleanly and encourage healthy growth.

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