As a homeowner, you no longer have a landlord to care for the property, make repairs, and replace broken appliances. Upkeep and maintenance are now your responsibility. To be ready for any project, have a toolbox filled with items you’ll need. Here are 7 essential tools for homeowners.

Safety Gear: Essential Tools for Homeowners

Protective gear is necessary for many tasks. Keep safety goggles on hand for when you are working on projects that require eye protection. Safety goggles keep debris out of your eyes when you’re cleaning the gutters or when handling chemicals such as bug sprays or pesticides. Protective gloves keep strong cleaning products from getting onto your skin. Work gloves are good for gardening and when you need protection from splinters.


Whether you get a single screwdriver with changeable heads or a set of assorted screwdrivers from your local hardware store, you’ll use them frequently for projects around the house. These tools are helpful for changing the batteries in your kid’s toys, assembling furniture, and replacing your cabinet hardware.

Essential Tools for Homeowners Include Hammers

Whether you’re building a deck, hanging pictures on the wall, or assembling a new dog house, you’ll need a quality hammer in your toolbox. There are lightweight and heavier varieties. Heavyweight hammers handle larger projects and lightweight models will help with more delicate tasks.

Pipe Wrenches

Pipe wrenches are convenient for tightening bolts on the water heater or making repairs on the pipes beneath your sinks. You will need a wrench for holding the pipe in place and another for tightening. The wrench used for tightening should be wrapped in a cloth to prevent its teeth from damaging the plumbing pipe.

Extension Cords are Essential Tools for Homeowners

Having extension cords in your toolbox will be useful when you need to provide power to an area with no electrical outlets. You’ll want indoor and outdoor extension cords; as a homeowner, you’ll find uses for both.

Crescent Wrenches

Crescent wrenches make tightening loose bolts on furniture, the lawnmower, or your child’s bicycle easier. They are adjustable to fit the size of the bolt that needs tightening.

Step Stool

A step stool is another convenient tool to have because it gives you the ability to access higher spaces. The stool will be useful when hanging or putting away holiday decorations, dusting your ceiling fans, and changing light bulbs.

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