When your rain gutters are clean, water that flows from the roof is directed away from your siding and your home’s foundation. Gutters protect your home while adding curb appeal and value. In order for the gutters to do their job, it’s important to clean your home’s gutters at least twice a year.

Why You Should Clean Your Home’s Gutters

The water flowing through gutters may contain wet leaves, parts of damaged shingles, bits of tree bark and twigs, and other material. Birds and rodents sometimes build nests in the gutters when they are dry.

When debris accumulates, it clogs the gutters so water can’t flow through and instead overflows out of the gutters. If this happens, your roof, siding, foundation, and other exterior features could be damaged. You can easily clean your home’s gutters in just a few steps.

1. Prepare for the Project

Cleaning your home’s gutters requires minimal skill, but you will need to have the right tools available. Pull out your work gloves, ladder, garden hose, and a scraping tool, like a garden trowel. While cleaning, you’ll remove a significant amount of debris from the gutters. Keep a sturdy lawn trash bag nearby or place a tarp on the ground to collect the debris as you work.

2. Scrape the Gutters

After positioning your ladder and putting on your work gloves, use the scraping tool to dig accumulated debris out of the gutters. If you cannot see into your gutters while standing on the ladder or if you’re unsure of your ability to safely complete the job, hire a professional to clean your home’s gutters.

3. To Clean Your Home’s Gutters, Spray Them Out

After you have scraped the entire length of your gutters, you are ready to rinse them clean with the hose.  At each downspout, point the hose downwards to wash away any debris stuck inside.

4. Repair Damages

If you notice signs of deterioration or perforation while cleaning your home’s gutters, call a professional to assess the gutters and plan for repairs. While your gutters must be clean in order to work well, they also must be properly attached to your home and in good condition.

Any damage you spot should be repaired promptly. Some repairs are simple, but you may need to hire a professional to replace full sections of the gutter system in order to best protect your home.

By cleaning your home’s gutters on a regular basis, you’ll maintain the condition of the gutters and prevent unnecessary property damage.

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