Home inspections are a crucial step in buying and selling a home, and advanced technology has improved the process. Some inspectors are using drones to help them provide more information in the report. Read on to learn why you should hire a home inspector who uses a drone.

Hire a Home Inspector Who Uses a Drone to Inspect the Roof

A roof protects all the other components of a home and repairing roof damage can cost thousands. It’s unsafe for an inspector to climb up and walk on the roof if it is very high, steep, dilapidated, or otherwise compromised. In winter, icy spots can be a safety concern.

For these reasons, many inspectors use ladders to inspect from the roof level instead of climbing on top. However, they can’t see the entire roof this way and may overlook defects. Hire a home inspector who uses a drone to receive a more complete roof inspection regardless of the roof’s condition.

Inspect Gutter Systems

A roof inspection isn’t complete without a thorough inspection of gutters and downspouts, but it can be unsafe to get an up-close look of some parts of a gutter system. A drone can hover in and take more detailed photos of areas of concern. Hire an inspector who uses a drone to learn everything about the condition of the gutter system.

A Home Inspector Who Uses a Drone is More Thorough and Efficient

Hire an inspector who uses a drone for more in-depth data. Your home may have lots of nooks and crannies and hard-to-reach places. Drones make it possible to record footage of places that are difficult for anyone to access safely.

An inspector who uses a drone can observe the smaller details that may be missed with a traditional inspection. Drones cover a broader area and aren’t inhibited by steep slopes. Drones are more efficient in documenting features than climbing up on the roof.

Get a View of the Entire Property

When buying a property that covers lots of acreage or just has a large yard, a bird’s-eye view is helpful. Hire an inspector who uses a drone to get aerial images and video of the entire property. You will see the condition and spacing of trees, driveways, walkways, outbuildings, land features, and the surrounding neighboring properties.

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