As a homeowner, it is rewarding to make improvements to your house on your own. Here are 5 easy DIY home improvements that can be completed on a weekend or even in a day. Think about what types of upgrades would help your home and plan to tackle some simple tasks.

DIY Home Improvements: Change Cabinet Hardware

When your kitchen cabinets and drawers don’t have any pulls or handles, it is difficult to open them. Adding or updating your hardware makes your kitchen more functional and stylish. Most cabinet hardware can be installed with a drill and a screwdriver and comes with a template. If the hardware in the kitchen is outdated or worn out, replace it to revamp the entire room.

Paint the Front Door

An easy but impactful project that will change the first impression of your home is painting the front door. Paint your front door in a vivid color that stands out from your home to create a focal point. A rich color like red or blue makes your home look more welcoming. This project can be completed in a single afternoon.

DIY Home Improvements Include Decluttering

One of the best weekend home improvement projects to do a few times a year is decluttering the home. A messy home is frustrating to live in because it’s hard to find the things you need. Especially if you have a big family, items collect in your home throughout the year so it’s good to assess things often. Complete this task at least once a quarter and you’ll enjoy your living spaces more.

Add Shelving in the Garage

Decluttering your home is easier when you have plenty of storage options. The garage can quickly become a catch-all for items that aren’t used often. Add shelving to the walls of the garage to maximize the available storage space so you can better organize your things.

Build a Backyard Fire Pit

To improve your backyard, add an in-ground fire pit. This is a fun project for the whole family. Dig a hole with a 5-foot wide diameter, about 1 foot deep. Fill the bottom with sand or gravel. Line the edge with stones or bricks, or stack cement pavers as a border. Finish the space off by adding a stone or concrete patio.

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