With fall just around the corner, many homeowners are searching for ways to spruce up their homes. Homeowners should choose home improvement projects that will make their house look its best and be more comfortable. Whether it’s a fresh coat of paint or clean gutters, the right fall home improvement projects will benefit any house.

Plan Fall Home Improvement Projects Now

Home improvement projects help to increase your home’s marketability while improving your family’s quality of life. Take advantage of the pleasant fall weather by taking on the following fall home improvement projects:

1. Fall Home Improvement Projects for the Exterior

Fall is the perfect time to update your home’s exterior. A fresh coat of paint makes any home look newer. Whether it’s a simple paint touch up or repainting the entire home with a fresh color scheme, investing in your home’s exterior will instantly improve its curb appeal.

2. Repair or Replace the Roof

Fall reminds us that winter is on the way. It is important to prepare your roof for the rain and snow ahead. Repair or replace your roof during fall to guarantee that the roof can handle winter weather. Along with keeping you and your family safe, investing in roof repairs or a new roof altogether improves the value of your home.

3. Replace the Windows

Replacing windows is a more costly project, but doing so can have a major impact on energy use during the colder months. When preparing your home for fall, choose fall home improvement projects that will improve your home’s insulation. Replacing your windows will help to better insulate your home and reduce energy bills.

4. Update the HVAC

When considering fall home improvement projects, don’t forget about updating your HVAC. After a summer of AC use, it’s important to make sure your HVAC is functioning properly before colder weather hits. Proper HVAC maintenance includes cleaning or replacing the air filter and performing routine tests on the system.

Is your HVAC system more than 10-15 years old? If you’ve discovered that your system is older or isn’t operating as efficiently, it’s time to upgrade your HVAC altogether with a newer model.

5. Clean Your Gutters

Proper gutter maintenance is essential to avoid damage to your home’s foundation. Whether you clean the gutters yourself or you hire someone to do so, make sure it happens during the fall.

Now is the time for homeowners to set their home improvement plan for fall. In addition to improving the home’s value, these projects will help to prepare the house for the colder months of the year. Keep this guide in mind as you decide what projects to work on during this upcoming season.

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