Window replacement in your home offers a lot of advantages. It updates your home’s aesthetics indoors and out while providing better energy-efficiency. New windows also add value to your home. Replacing windows is a big undertaking, so be sure to save time and money by researching your options first.

Window Replacement with Energy Star Rated Products

When replacing your windows, choose windows that will optimize energy-efficiency in your region. ENERGY STAR ratings for windows vary by region. A window model that is ENERGY STAR-certified in Florida won’t necessarily be the right choice for New Jersey.

You can receive tax credits if you replace your windows with ENERGY STAR models, so keep the receipts to submit at tax time. Ask your contractor about making sure that your windows are ENERGY STAR-certified for your climate.

Full or Partial Window Replacement

If the window frame is in good condition but the glass is cracked or thin, you may be able to replace only the glass component to save some money. If the sill and frame have signs of chipping, rot, water damage, or are stuck or loose, the entire window should be replaced.

Research Contractors and Materials

When choosing a window contractor, read customer testimonials and check Better Business Bureau ratings. As with any project, ask three companies for estimates before deciding on one. Ask them about what type of window models they can source.

Additional Tips

If you are doing some of this work yourself, be sure to measure carefully before purchasing new windows. Take measurements for the frame width, the dimensions of the glass, and the space from jamb to jamb.

Double or triple-paned windows will provide the best energy efficiency. Some window models contain argon gas in between the glass layers, which serves as extra insulation.

If you live in an area that sees severe weather, add storm windows and even storm shutters. They will help protect your windows during a strong storm.

Replacing windows is a great investment, but there are smart ways to do it. Follow our above tips to make the most out of this project.

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