High indoor humidity is uncomfortable and promotes mold growth. Excess moisture in the air can also lead to water damage and structural problems. The air in your home may feel heavy and you might notice condensation on windows, countertops, and floors. Here are a few ways to reduce humidity in the home.

Use the Air Conditioner

Air conditioning units help to dry the indoor air. On days when your home feels humid, simply turning the air conditioning on will boost your comfort. Clean or change the filter regularly to keep the unit running efficiently.

Ventilation Fans Help Reduce Humidity in the Home

When cooking or showering, use the exhaust fan in the bathroom or kitchen. These fans are designed to pull humidity and cooking odors out of the home. Even after you’ve finished bathing or preparing food, leave the fans on for 10 to 20 minutes to reduce humidity.

Take Cooler, Faster Showers

Hot showers generate more steam and increase humidity in the home. Taking shorter, cooler showers will help limit the moisture in the air.

Dry Laundry Outside the House to Reduce Humidity in the Home

Damp clothing indoors contributes to humidity. Instead of hanging wet towels or swimwear in the bathroom, put them outdoors on the clothesline to dry. Otherwise, use the clothes dryer. Damp fabrics left in a pile on the floor can cause mold growth and poor air quality. If you hang clothes to dry indoors, drape them near an open window to speed the process.

Don’t Overwater House Plants

If you have plants indoors, take care to avoid overwatering. Too much moisture can’t be absorbed by the plant and will evaporate into the air. Learn about the water requirements for each houseplant in your home and only water them when necessary.

Use a Dehumidifier

The easiest way to reduce humidity in the home is to use a dehumidifier. These appliances pull moisture from the air and collect it in a reservoir that needs to be emptied regularly. Choose a dehumidifier that will treat the square footage of the space where humidity is a problem.

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