A swimming pool adds value to your property and recreation for your household. However, there are important precautions you should take as a pool owner. To keep family and friends safe, follow these steps to improve pool safety.

Learn to Swim

Everyone in your household, children and adults, should know how to swim. Kids can learn basic water skills like floating and exiting the pool from the age of 2. Anyone who doesn’t know how to swim or is inexperienced should wear an approved life jacket around and in the water.

Pool Safety Equipment

As a pool owner, you should have the necessary equipment for pool safety nearby. This includes keeping a life preserver ring, a first aid kit, and a cell phone in the pool area. These items will help you be better prepared in case of an emergency.

Install Pool Barriers

A pool barrier is essential if you have small children and, in some states, it is required by law. Install a fence around the pool, add a gate, and use a cover for pool safety. Barriers provide an extra level of protection for children and pets. Pool covers are a great option and come with the added benefit of making the pool-cleaning process easier.

Learn What to do in an Emergency

Take a CPR course and get a certification. Retake the class as needed to keep your knowledge up-to-date. First aid skills will come in handy and knowing how to perform CPR can save someone’s life. Have members of your household take water safety and CPR/first aid courses.

Never Leave Children Unsupervised

Even if a child knows how to swim, is wearing a lifejacket, and knows the basics of water safety, it is still your responsibility to supervise them. Never leave children or pets unattended when they are in or near the water. If you need to step inside, ask another adult to supervise or have the kids stay out of the pool until you return.

For Safety, Keep the Pool in Good Condition

Monitor the pH level of the water and add chemicals to maintain a healthy balance. Perform regular checks of ladders and steps to make sure they are secure. Keep the pool deck clean and make sure the drain cover is in good condition.

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