Working at home is more popular than ever, but the importance of having a dedicated home office might be overlooked. Having a home office improves your productivity and helps you avoid the distractions of working from your home. One of the best things about making your home office is knowing you have complete control over how you want it to look and function. Continue reading for some inspiration for home office ideas.

Convert a Closet Into a Home Office 

The hardest part about making an office is finding the space. If you have a big enough closet, take the doors off and have an instant workspace. You can then accessorize, keeping in mind the amount of space available. The home office space should be clear and not overcrowded with too much clutter.

Minimalist Work Space

Minimalism helps save space. A clean aesthetic will help you focus and avoid distractions. Use a white or light neutral color scheme with white walls and select an accent color to add some interest. Coordinate your office decor to complement the design of your office. 

Update Your Office Supplies When Making Your Home Office

Replace generic items with decorative office supplies that show a little personality. Use saucers to store smaller items like paper clips. Update your post-it notes and stationery to match your office aesthetic.

Accessorize the Space

If you have bare walls, you have a perfect opportunity to personalize the space when making an office. Put up art that represents you and your interests. Another option is chalkboards or whiteboards. These boards can not only be used as a creative outlet but can serve a functional purpose and encourage productivity.

Look Around the Home for Storage Ideas

You may be surprised at the things you’ll find around your home to store items in your home office, from the hooks and hangers in your closet to the sturdy baskets in the laundry room. Repurpose these items when making your office to serve you in that space. You can store office supplies and paperwork in just about any container that’s the right size and fits.

Making an office a streamlined and personalized space is not as daunting as you think. Try these ideas to improve your productivity and comfort when working from home.

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