As a homeowner, your property may be your biggest investment. It’s important to keep your household running smoothly, including maintaining your appliances. New appliances can be costly, so it’s helpful to know how to keep them in great shape so they will function efficiently for years. Here are a few tips for appliance care and maintenance to keep your household machines running well.

Refrigerator Maintenance

Your refrigerator keeps food for your family cold and fresh. Keeping this appliance in good shape is necessary because an inefficient refrigerator is costly to run.

Regularly clean the inside of the fridge, wiping down shelves and storage compartments. Clean the door, door seals, and handles. To keep it operating well, occasionally vacuum the refrigerator coils. Depending on your model, the coils may be located on the back of the appliance or underneath it. Refrigerator coils help heat from the operation of the appliance dissipate, allowing the machine to run more efficiently and saving you money. Use a vacuum cleaner with a brush attachment or a soft brush to remove dust, dirt, debris, and pet hair from the refrigerator coils.

Dishwasher Care and Maintenance

Care for and maintain the dishwasher to keep it running efficiently. With regular appliance maintenance, a dishwasher can last many years.

To maintain your dishwasher, clean the outside and inside of the machine with a soft cloth or sponge to remove dirt and dust. Check the spray arms for food particles and clean the dishwasher filter regularly. Inspect the machine once every month for signs of wear and tear. If there are issues, call an appliance repair service.

Maintaining the Microwave

Keeping the microwave clean isn’t just necessary for a sanitary kitchen; a clean microwave is essential for it to operate safely and efficiently. Food particles that accumulate in the microwave continue to cook every time the appliance is used, which causes damage over time.

Laundry Appliance Care and Maintenance

Washing Machine

Maintaining your washing machine is critical for keeping your appliance running smoothly. Regular upkeep ensures the longevity and performance of your clothes washer and prevents costly repairs later.

Cleaning out the detergent compartment regularly keeps your washing machine free from grime and odor-causing buildup. Remove debris around the rubber seal on the door of the washer to improve the life of the seal.

Clothes Dryer

Always remove lint from the filter after every load, as excess lint can be a fire hazard. This simple step ensures air circulates within the machine, improving performance. Cleaning the vent at least once yearly is also essential for preventing overheating and breakdowns due to clogs and blockages.

Making time for appliance upkeep will keep your appliances running smoothly and efficiently. Extend the lifespans of your household machines to save money on replacements and utility costs.

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